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A breakthrough in concussion symptom treatment and brain recovery tracking

Spark Headset

Spark's low profile design is elegant and inconspicuous. It connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and comes with an app to begin monitoring and analyzing your brain activity immediately.

  • - Sampling Rate: 256 Hz
  • - Bluetooth v. 4
  • - Battery Life: up to 8 hours (charged via micro usb)
  • - Neurofeedback apps to train cognitive faculties

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A look inside

Concussions are one of the most prevalent neurological disorders. One accident is all it takes for a life to change forever. Opportunities for treatment and monitoring of brain health can be limited. Traditionally, brain treatment required frequent hospital and clinic visits which can be expensive and time consuming. But now with the Spark headset people of all ages can easily receive ongoing brain health monitoring simply by using the Spark headset and a smartphone.

This is just the beginning

The ability to take and send brain images to your smartphone is only the first step. The Spark environment allows developers and innovators to create their own apps and programs. Harness your Spark data and expand realm of what is possible for pervasive neurotechnology, brain monitoring and treatment.

Brain Selfies

Have you ever taken a selfie of your brain? This is one of the many things you can do with Spark. Get an image of your brain sent directly to your phone. Keep track of your mental well-being and the state of your brain using up to date neurometrics. It's a selfie that gets below the surface.


Introspect is the online repository for your brain images and personal neurometrics. Examine, understand and monitor the results of your Spark brain scans with this cloud-based subscription service.


Spark Pro

A complete system for teams, organizations and clinics. Spark Professional includes headsets, apps and a custom portal tailored to your group's specific needs along with PND integration services and support.

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Personal Neuro Devices

Personal Neuro Devices is a neuroscience company that combines brain health research, hardware and software development and clinical experience to develop wearable brain sensors and neurometric feedback apps now in use by thousands of people all over the planet.

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